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Second Generation Genetics – Blueberry Land

Strain: Blueberry-Land. Filial Classification: Indica dominant F1 hybrid from regular stock. Lineage: Candy-Land x F4 Blueberry Flowering Time: Approximately 56-63 days. Production: Medium well to moderately heavy. The Blueberry-Land had bulbous popcorn like flower structure of dense and highly resinous and aromatic flowers. Effect: Euphoric, sedative and relaxing. The Blueberry-Land has a euphoric effect that often leads to meditative daydreaming, munchies and relaxation.

Second Generation Genetics – Strawberry Recess

SACAJAWEA #15 X DJ SHORT BLUEBERRY Strain: Strawberry Recess. Filial Classification: F1 Indica Dominant Hybrid. Lineage: Sacajawea #15 (mother) X F4 Blueberry (father). FLOWERING: 52-59 Days. Production: Strawberry Recess is a medium well to heavy producer of resin laden nudges that smells like sweet wild strawberries, earthen dank muskiness and yeast beer. Effect: The effect of the Strawberry Recess is relaxing, narcotic and euphoric and tends to induce vivid daydreaming, meditation, munchies, relaxation and sleep. Her flavor is of sweet and earthen berry flavored hash.