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Konagold Genetics – Workingman’s Scotch (F)

6 (F) Seeds Per Pack Lineage: Workingman's OG x (Hawaiian Butterscotch x Chem) Flowering Time: 56-65 Days

Stray Fox Gardenz – Smoking Mirrors

If you like easy to grow, bag appeal and strong smoke, watch out for this night cap..
Chem91 skva is already in its own highest caliber of cannabis. Throw my new Ronnie Barrett stud in the mix and you've just released an amazing combo of intense healing chemdog magic.
50% skunkva pheno. short stocky arrowhead skunk chem fuel. medium to heavy flowers caked in frost.
40% ronnie barrett hybrid pheno with heavy skunky afghani hashplant buds.
10% deadly g leaner shines of colors and small to medium frosty sticky terps. look for the purple stem trait in veg..
great for deep mediation, sleep deprivation, nausea, anti inflammatory, muscle spasms, late night movies and ptsd . credit to the CHEM FAMILY AND BODHI for the special selected genetics. Breeder- strayfoxgardenz Genetics- CHEM 91 SKUNK VA / RONNIE BARRETT

10 Seeds Per Pack

Variety- Indica Flowering Type- Photoperiod Sex- Regular Yield-Med, High Plant Height- Med Grow- Greenhouse, indoors, outdoors Flowering- 8-9 weeks