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Gnostic Seeds – Breath Of The Wild


Gnostic Seeds - Breath Of The Wild

Lineage: BIRDS OF FIRE x LEGEND OF ZELDA Seeds Per Pack: 12 Sex: Regular Seeds Birds Of Fire (GMO x Breathwork) is a rare and delightful strain to work with. It's elite lineage speaks for itself bringing together infamous crosses from across the globe. Dense, heavily frosted buds with beautiful orange pistils and horridly wonderful burnt rubber and deep earthy notes on the nose are the standard with BOF. Using our elite Legend Of Zelda stud we have created true trifecta of chem, cookie, and OG genetics.

Gnostic Seeds – BATHSHEBA


Gnostic Seeds - BATHSHEBA

Lineage: BYE-YA x LEGEND OF ZELDA Seeds Per Pack: 12 Sex: Regular Seeds Gifted to us in 2019 by our good friends Gage Green - Bye-Ya (Triangle Kush x High School Sweetheart) was an instant hit with our patients and rec market consumers alike - Our selection is a mostly balanced mix of the parents leaning slightly true to the mother in structure and terpene profile while the father adds great flower and trichome production and color to the mix - Combing this amazing cultivar with our Legend Of Zelda stud creates a new mind bending hybrid with amazing medicinal value.

Gnostic Seeds – WAYMAKER


Gnostic Seeds - WAYMAKER

Lineage: Eloi x Legend Of Zelda Seeds Per Pack: 12 Sex: Regular Seeds Eloi (Time Traveler x Pepe Le Chem) is one of the crosses we made in 2020 with a mind blowing Pepe Le Chem stud that we lost in a very unfortunate accident after pollinating the room. Knowing the value of the genetics we kept ALL of the seed stock from the crosses to hunt in-house and select from the lines elite progeny to use in future breeding projects. Out of hundreds of seeds a couple of the females rose above the crowd Exhibiting amazing structure, stability, and mouth watering flavor profiles that leave you coming back for more.

Gnostic Seeds – GOLGOTHA


Gnostic Seeds - GOLGOTHA

Lineage: Elma Glue x Legend Of Zelda Seeds Per Pack: 12 Sex: Regular Seeds Elma Glue is without a doubt one of the most popular strains in the Gnostic stable. She is simply unbeatable as a breeding parent providing a total package to her progeny in pretty much every department. Allowing us to continue to build upon the legacy created by Spirit Mountain (Elma Glue x Gorilla Wreck) - GOLGOTHA is a monstrous hybrid beast. Chocolate covered oranges and gassy og are her signature scents and the effects are powerful and narcotic being easily noticed shortly after taking the first puff.

Gnostic Seeds – BETHESDA


Gnostic Seeds - BETHESDA

Lineage: Legend Of Zelda x Legend Of Zelda Seeds Per Pack: 12 Sex: Regular Seeds When an extremely rare pack of Zelda by Swamp Boys was gifted to us at the 2015 Emerald Cup we knew that it was a special opportunity to create something unique and exceptional using genetics that were highly sought after but nearly impossible to find. Knowing that the strain was retired and not going to ever be produced again we rolled the dice and popped the pack. Out of the 12 seeds 2 males (The Meyer Brothers) and one female stood out from the rest of the pack in regards to vigor, overall structure and color/terpene production. Knowing that these genetics were so special we could not stand the though of letting them die forever and decided to create a beautiful f2 to preserve the line for future generations of growers to enjoy.

Gnostic Seeds – THE BISHOP


Gnostic Seeds - THE BISHOP

Lineage: Mystic x Legend Of Zelda Seeds Per Pack: 12 Sex: Regular Seeds Mystic (Dr. Who x Gorilla Wreck) was bred in 2016 as part of the Gorilla Wreck project and held for inhouse selection and never releasing it to the public. The Dr. Who is legendary in the Pacific Northwest for its insanely fast finishing times, vibrant color schemes, and sedative narcotic like effects. Combining our favorite selection with our new elite Legend Of Zelda stud delivers progeny that express the best of both lineages.

Gnostic Seeds – OREGON GRAPE


Gnostic Seeds - OREGON GRAPE

Lineage: D Cure x Legend Of Zelda Seeds Per Pack: 12 Sex: Regular Seeds