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Cult Classics Seeds – Snow Shoes

Regular 18 Regular Seeds Per Pack  Lineage: Cement Shoes x Powder Cakes Powder Cakes: Wedding Cake X Freshies Freshies: (Animal Cookies X OGKB X OGKB X Ultraviolet OG) Settle in for the season with this warm,thick hybrid. Breathe in the smell of gingerbread baking in the oven, and feel it change in your mouth to the sweet, lingering taste of winter berries. A trip on Snow Shoes starts out by gliding up on bright sunny peaks, washing your cares away. Then you’ll sink down into soft snowy depths, until your body is too heavy to resist the temptation to sleep and dream. Hibernate until spring… or at least, until you start to smell plants again.This hardy varietal, essentially an updatedversion of the classic Cement Shoes, is easy-growing and delivers remarkably consistent results for even beginner farmers.

Cult Classics Seeds – Flocked Sherbert

18 Regular Seed Per Pack
Lineage: Sunset Sherbert x Powder Cakes 
Powder Cakes: Wedding Cake x Freshies
Freshies: (Animal Cookies x OGKB x OGKB x Ultraviolet OG)
Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks
Flocked Sherbert is one of the most gentlestrains we carry, and is ideal for soothing anxious worries and inducing calm. Its taste evokes the flavors of high August afternoons – sunset sherbert, vanilla cake, and ripe berries. Keep this piece of warm summer glowing in your chest, and have your troubleseased.This blend is a Powder Cakes cross, soits strength goes without saying. Unlike other high-potency varietals, though, this plant lacks many of the drawbacks that commonly come with high THC levels. Flocked Sherbet is relatively easy to grow, but is more ideal for larger commercial operations.

Cult Classics Seeds – Powder Cakes

6 Regular Seeds Per Pack
Lineage: Wedding Cake x Freshies (Animal Cookies x OGKB x OGKB x Ultraviolet OG)
Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks
Flavor: You’ll find most of these plants expressing these three flavor themes. 1. Powdered vanilla doughnut cakes dripped with petrol, pine-sol and industrial lemon cleaner. 2. Deep purple gassy lemon cookie cake tarts. 3. Funnel cakes with berry sauce Potency: High, with some phenotypes that have noticeable amounts of CBG. Brace yourself for the trace levels of CBG, paired with the THC, to deliver a knockout punch. Ease of growth: Some may be slower to begin, with brief internode spacing, awesome stacking, but once you get it into flower, you’ll find it filling in easily and producing Short internode spacing, great stacking, some might be slow to start, but once you kick it into flower, you’ll see it fill in nicely and yield pretty muscularly. Other Notes: These plants produce wild resin rails fit for a glossy magazine shoot.