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The Source Genetics – Bangkok Banshee

  Lineage: (Cookie Monster x PSA) x (Pure Thai x Face Off #4) 10 regular seeds per pack Flowering Time= 10-12 weeks

The Source Genetics – Source Haze


10 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Lineage: Uncirculated OG x Mango Haze #5  X  Pure Thai X Face Off #4 Flowering Time: 9-11 Weeks " This one has been a long time comin. I gave the Pure Thai to @archiveseedbank in 2006 a bit before I gave him the FaceOff seeds that he selected his Face Off #4 from. After years of preserving the Pure Thai, he seeded her with the Face Off bx1 male. I've selected out of that line for traits similar to the Pure Thai herself. Her Bubblegum, onion, body odor funk is sure to blast you back to old school herb from the early to mid nineties. Friendship and preservation at its finest." - TharealOGkushMan